Hi! My name is Aditya Poonia. I am a Psychology student, a blogger and a dreamer.

I write to share my perspective on day to day aspects of life, to change those perceptions of your's. 

Writing is also my way to document thoughts, experiences and analyse self, so as to track myself improving.

I came into psychology by chance and grew to love it . It is a subject that tells us the hidden reasons for our reactions and unfolds a vast areas which are yet to be explored, giving it an enigmatic vibe. My love for the subject also encourages me to explore the spiritual side of it. Psychology is also a great way to work on self and help others understand themselves. 

I also meditate, I follow  Sahaj Marg aka. Heartfulness. Meditation helps me see clearly in situations where it is difficult to do so, it helps me stay calm and happy. I have been doing it since I was sixteen years old and can see the difference it makes. 

I hope you find my blog helpful, thank you for visiting.


88, Buniyaad School, Narayan Vihar A-Block, Jaipur, 302020

Email: pooniaap949(at)gmail(dot)com