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A Note to self

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It is 22nd NOV 2020. I was not feeling well, had a little headache and body ache. I spent all the on my electronic devices, jumping from one to another, not resting at all. It took me all day to realise that I had wasted a day. It is not just the matter of wasting the time, but I have reached a stage where I don’t run my devices anymore, instead they run me. It is now a battle of myself from them. I am struck in a trap.

A solution to get out of any trap is to have control over your Autonomic nervous system, but wait isn’t ANS an autonomous system which operates without our your conscious control? Yes it is. Although habit creation is not a part of ANS but works similar to it. ANS works automatically without conscious effort to do the tasks assigned to it, habits do the same. Over time even our ANS can be changed by repetitive occurrence of a certain stimulus and the ANS adapts. Meaning that habits can change ANS, a system that does not require any change for the mundane tasks that it does. Habit is repetition of a singular activity until the neural network in the brain for that activity becomes so strong (through myelination of neurones) that the brain does not require conscious effort do it.

Meditation is a practice/repetition of a singular activity often involving sitting with yourself with just one thought. Over time creating a strong neural network to concentrate better, think for one’s true self, have control over oneself, if the thought of one’s meditation is divine then connect with the divine.

I was on my way back from the doctor’s today, when I received a call, it was my meditation prefect calling to leave a subtle reminder to catch up on the missed meditation sessions. It was a message from the universe that it is high time that I get back to the basics which make man who he/she becomes.

Meditation is one such exercise that brings a state a homeostasis in our inner selves, our soul. It helps us become us again. All the people born in the era of no mobile phones can relate or compare themselves from their past to today. How much essence of yourself is left in you.

Instead of technology using us, we have to use it. This pandemic quarantine has had some kind of side-effect on all of us, it may be different for everybody but the solution is the same. Meditate, don’t deviate.

I have started. Have you?

Note: I use Heartsapp for meditation.

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