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De-addicting Self ?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I am writing this blog post for myself, so that at least I for myself can be a self aware and become what these things that I am going to talk about don't let me be, leaving behind my awareness towards the addictions from whom I am suffer through and move ahead, I know what they are and yet they don't let me go very far.

I am majorly going to talk about the two most common addictions in the world.

1. Sugar

2. Social Networking

Just like my addiction I so badly want to start with sugar but lets break it up and talk about Mobile phones.

These Instrument that enable us to talk to our loved once and stay connected have now slowly turned into little monstrous pills which we charge everyday just so that they can take away most of the day and leave the rest in the anticipation of taking the same pill. We constantly wait for a message or see the amount of likes that we get every few minutes, waiting for that worthless approval form somebody who does not even give a f**k about what we post because they are busy in doing what we are, waiting for an approval form somebody who does not even give a f**k.

People like Mr. Zurkerberg make money out of our time, which is what we are suppose to do at least from the western point of view, or use these parasite like websites to do some benefit to either yourself or others which I assume none of us are doing. Something cannot called addiction unless there is a certain time for which it has been effecting a particular population or also you just getting a feeling of craving for the something. I guess it is time for us to quit it and analyse what we have been missing, we can start just by looking at our phones (which you are reading this out of XD) and check our screen time and if it is less than three hours consider yourself to be lucky( also include the time spent on other devices), if we can realise that the time we spend online could be used to connect to our loved once, as we now live in the age which is the least connected despite having the most devices to stay connected, we should have been better connected as a result of the technological advancements of this age. A researched done by Harvard lets us know a lot about life and being connected, it began in the year 1938, “The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health,” nothing less and nothing more.

Sugar, considered the most dangerous drug we can ever find. Sugar is the easiest drug to be found, if we want it we can find it in the nearest grocery store, and that too in a variety of forms, I myself was and somewhat am still addicted to it, it is the easiest form of food that our body requires, body does not need to break it further, as we eat food to make energy and which is turned into glucose and sugar is direct glucose. I admit that addictions are the toughest to break, I have had people in my life who have been addicted to the most gruesome drugs there are and seeing that I felt lucky that I am not one of them, but then I realised that I am one who too is addicted to the drug that caused the epidemic we live in "obesity", approximately 30% of the world population is obese and that too majorly in the developing world. we might be aware of the lack of food availability in the poorer countries but neglect it and end up consuming more than we need, well I don't want to disappoint anyone but awareness is, what is necessary.

Let's talk about how to get rid of an addiction, IT IS ALL IN OUR HEADS. This is both literally and figuratively. The brain we possess today is the result of evolution of a lot of years and it's size has increased massively due to which we now need more energy and so we eat more carbs, we as a result of increase in the brain size have also acquired the intelligence and with the intelligence we got smart in working and also lazy, coz we found out that we can get a easier way around stuff now.

The second part is that it is a result of a bunch of chemical reaction and the brain realising that we can seek pleasure with out even getting up from the couch, now what we have to do is, we have to fool our brains to thinking the opposite, alert!!, it is not an easy job, so let's get our self to remove the physical trigger from front of us for example removing things like the sugary food or advertisements and removing the phone at night from your room etc. or removing people who end up making us go back to this stuff.

let's begin with this and if you would like to share your experience and your thoughts share them over in comments below.

I am writing this blog after having left both of these for a week. I feel great and hope to continue this way.

thank you for reading!!

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