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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

First let's talk about why I am talking about Attachment and Detachment. I am in my second year of Master and before it begins, we have to do a month long internship in clinical setting, and as I am a student of Manipal, I found it feasible to do it in the main Manipal, so i'll be away from home for a month after five years of living together with the family, before that I was in hostel for eight years of my life. It took me time to adjust to the home environment and now it has become too comfortable, coming back to moving away for a month, it now been a trouble for me as leaving my parents was difficult, although just for a month but I had not felt that way in a long time. I cannot describe what I feel in words, It was a mixed bag of emotions, I was full of love for them which I guess was taken for granted, I had a weird sense of anxiety and nervousness.

So detachment is an aspect which reflects upon renouncing emotional reactions or passion in real time. Majority of religions have preached some kind of detachment practices like Apatheia in Stocism, Vairagya in Hinduism and Nirvana in Buddhism, but most of these practices are not followed by majority of people around the world, all these institutions have a separate meaning for the same thing. Detachment is necessary, is what I have found out and It was first mentioned in the hindu mythology by Patanjali, which probably shows that even yoga is not complete without the formula of detachment, yoga in the western world has just been reduced to be a thing people get into to stay physically fit but the mental aspects of yoga are left out, which probably is more relevant in todays world not just for the mentally ill but also to stay mentally fit. Detachment is the opposite of attachment which is driven by the concepts of desire and I would like to add that these two aspects of attachment make it sound more difficult to work with, but working through and being detached is possible .

Beginning to think of detachment in itself tells you that the state of yourself in terms of the awareness that you possess of yourself, which I guess is ultimately the purpose of life. First, on a daily basis we can judge things according to our perspective and our perspective is limited when compared to the universe, when things do not go the way we want them to, we get annoyed. If we let go of our ideas about how things should be and except uncertainty as an important part of your everyday experiences, we start to see solutions spontaneously. Also stay open to the opportunities in every problem we face, it will help you face them in a different perspective from the one you are in, including keeping the ego aside as ego is the manifestation of "uncertainty" and a symbol of self, which again we are unsure of, as finding the ultimate goal is some what difficult and takes time. Also being one with the nature and spending time with self helps you interact with your spirit. People in general have a lot going on in their lives, if for once we consider our minds as a silent lake and different thoughts as the stones causing ripples, we can see the chaos we have, when we try to throw a big stone in, it won't make a difference amongst the chaos, if we were to be calm even a small stone it would make a big difference.

Be the difference, be attached to be detached, as our minds in today's world are being rushed with every notification we get, we see people sitting on lunch tables and staring at their phones, probably sending a meme to the person sitting across them. We after so much, expect our brain to be just fine and perform the acts necessary to be an elated human being. Well you shouldn't be expecting rather we should be getting away from all this and go old school, spend time with self and learn the art of self enhancement which if practiced properly can lead to detachment. What do you think about detachment and how is your theory different from mine? Comment below.

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