• Aditya Poonia

Fear is what I fear !

I am living in fear everyday for what comes in the future as i am not prepared for it. And I am also not able to prepare for it as I should.

My fears are strengthened by those around me. Every time I meet them, it becomes a reminder of what i have not achieved.

I know living in the present is what one should be doing and it is what brings happiness, but not being able to do it makes fear that much more worse.

Although I am great full of what I have in life, as that is the wisest thing to do.

The uncertainty of the future leads one to darkest fears of basic necessities not being met, a fear everyone despises.

All this generated from a simple incidence, my phone was glitching, that is when i realised that i would have to buy a new one soon and me not being able to do it on my own calibre, the fear ran down my spine quite literally.

Why does fear causes all this emotional chaos?

I know this is a personal rant of a privileged person but, “fear“is common in all of us and at this point of time it is conquered me.

What is your fear? comment down below.

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