• Aditya Poonia

Make your DREAMS!! a reality II

A particular train of thought persisted in, be it good or bad, cannot fail to produce its result on the character and circumstances. A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts and so, indirectly yet surely, shape his circumstances.


We all have heard that hard work has no substitute, but maybe it does in the form of smart work. Majority of the time knowing What to do, How to do and When do it is all that we need, but is obvious that we cannot figure it out in a jiffy.

So, What do we do ? First we need to figure out life as we live it, ahh but this is not the solution and also not entirely true.

Figuring out small parts of our lives and try to automate them into your system, this might just simplify stuff for us and help you concentrate better of other important aspects. Having a GOAL also works, giving you a purpose and to move further ahead, try out a hobby. Do something that you love and if you have trouble figuring out, go out there and try out new things. Just begin somewhere.

Changing self is all about changing our perception and perceptions are fed by thoughts. Our past and future are dynamic, only thing stable is the present, future being dynamic is understandable as we can not predict it but at the same time your actions (karma) can define it, Past is also dynamic as a bad past experience can also be changed. When an experience(past) is formed we possess a certain set of perceptions (formed by past experiences), as we move forward in life our perceptions advance and change, changing our past.

Let's change what we have for good and not let our thoughts get the better of us.

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