• Aditya Poonia

Mental Clarity 🏝

One of the most wanted things that humans are currently after is mental clarity.

The amount of clutter we have in the form of physical and mental stimulus is enormous.

The consumption of data on hour to hour basis and collection of our favourites item, makes the day to day decision making that much more cumbersome and being wasted on less important parts of life. Majority of our time now goes in front of screens, and simple things like taking a walk or even sitting alone have become obsolete, which makes our brain work longer and our imagination weaker.

The sole purpose of me starting this blog was also to channelise my thoughts and get some time with my self so as to make sense of my surroundings. thinking about mental clarity has also led me to question mine. I for that matter have not been mentally clear too.

One of the ways I seek mental clarity is by spending some alone time which helps to removes the physical and virtual triggers, both creating some sort of memory space in the brain just like RAM in a computer. Like RAM, we too have our working memories, it was given by Baddeley and Hitch in 1974 and for us to be focussed the RAM in brain has to be clear and clutter free.

Existentialism says that life is a process that each one of us has to go through. Anxiety, depression, alienation are all a part of the process. We have to embrace them and use them to our advantage.

Mental state of a person is a difficult aspect to understand and a major struggle in it is to know the “self” Who you are?, What’s your purpose?, and as Maslow said that self actualisation is the epitome of life, we all in someway or the other are working to find that final goal or purpose.

amongst the constant stimuli providing world It is inevitable for one to escape the chaos.

I have been meditating since I was sixteen years old and back then mental clarity was not a problem

I have gotten too much into the world of no mental clarity.

The brain now needs some kind of mental stimulation all the time, making it addicted to Stimulation.

We need time to think, think about ourselves, think about the future, think about our purpose in life and also daydream. To think about all that, we need to channelise our thought, and our RAM or working memory needs to be clear.

The Only easy way that humans know to do that is dhyana or meditation.

"The mind is the sole instrument available for shaping our destiny."


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