• Aditya Poonia


Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Pondering over my life yesterday over a conversation with friends made me realise how simple my life was, when compared to the complications that others face in their lives. I like it simple and sometimes way too much simple but life does not let it happen that way, so just simple is fine. I also ended up wondering what is that makes their life so complex and came up with a few situations that they go through, well this is all my speculation. They invite trouble, inviting trouble can be a little vague but that is what happens for people who either have too many balls on their court or have their feet in a lot of relationships(relations of all kinds) and expect something out of them, that is when it all begins, majorly what I believe creates problems are secrets and being in too many relationships can make you have a lot of them, especially when those relations are related. Secrets have a problems they can create trust and also destroy it, the creating trust part is what is easy but the destroying part is very strong, the impressions that are created when some one destroys your trust are the worst ones and our minds are made up of garbage from the society. The feeling of betrayal again is a result of secrecy, although sometimes this can be inevitable but you have to keep them. I for that matter am very simple having no secrets with the family or friends. Keeping secrets can also be the beginning of lying, to hide the secrets you often lie and then when the next time the same conversation starts, you have to remember the lie keep up with that you made up and keep it going until you reach the breaking point.

There is a new concept in the market called Minimalism, it is something that should have been there when America was formed but alas the great American culture is now prevalent all over the world and the Americans have started to go towards this stuff, well in India this is what naturally came to us. I believe with the advent of new technology and comforts we should not deprive ourselves of what we got but rather use it to our advantage and not waste it away.

Being simple also means being in tune with nature, the aim that I feel I want in my life is to be as simple as nature itself, what's yours ? comment below.

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